Photographer: Annaleisa

Who are we?

We are LAPOMPE, est. 2013. Inspired by a love of classic "Hot Club" style jazz, we are a group of musicians from Denver sharing an exploration of Gypsy jazz, blues, and American jazz standards with our own interpretations. We have become a fixture of the local swing dance scene with regular performances at many of the top dance nights. But we've also brought our music to a wide range of audiences in our performances at the Five Points Jazz Festival, the 1940s Ball, the Underground Music Showcase, the Westword Music Showcase (where we were honored to receive the Producer's Choice Award), and City Park Jazz.

While we have always paid homage to the heroes of the genres we enjoy - Django Reinhardt, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Prima, Nat King Cole, Fats Waller, etc. - we've also released original compositions that we think present a new fusion of the vintage and modern. Our instrumentation gives a folksy, rustic variant to the traditional jazz sound and lets us dabble in other genres from country to rock. Covering the genre spectrum with string instruments and Colorado pride, we are LAPOMPE; stay tuned to see what happens next.

"LAPOMPE is one of Denver’s most popular swing bands. Their new three-track EP, LPJ EP, is short and sweet...its tracks flaunting the band’s dynamic versatility"

"While the guys in LAPOMPE do their share of classic gypsy-jazz songs, American jazz standards and French tunes in the live setting, they also write their own original material."

"Playing a classic, fun and funky style of jazz inspired by the roaring 1920s and early days of jazz, LAPOMPE finds a very relevant place among the vibrant world of Denver’s music scene."

The Band

David Lawrence
Guitar and Vocals

Erik Fellenstein

Kevin Laxar
Upright Bass

Andrew Hannum